Westchester Thermostat Services

Do you want the ability to control the temperature of your home from wherever you are? You need a smart WiFi thermostat! Call us for installation and repair services in Westchester County.

Keeping your house at a comfortable temperature is important. But it’s also crucial to keep your utility bills as low as possible. So, instead of cooling your house while you’re out of town, you need the flexibility to adjust the thermostat from wherever you are to save energy while you’re away and restore comfort when you’re home. A smart Wifi thermostat provides you with these capabilities. Call Twin Belle Plumbing, Heating, Air & Water Treatment for services in Westchester, NY. We provide straightforward pricing!

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What Is a Smart Home Thermostat?

Smart home thermostats provide you with capabilities beyond the traditional units. While you might not interact with a traditional device beyond flipping it from “cool” to “heat” at the start of different seasons or setting a temperature, smart Wifi thermostats can do so much more. These let you set the temperature to change based on whether you are home or away. This lets your house get slightly uncomfortable when you’re not in it, and then lets it return to the ideal temperature when you’re home. You can also change the setting when you’re away -- whether you’re at work or on vacation -- from an app on your mobile device.

Common Thermostat Issues

Like any system in your Westchester house, occasionally your thermostat might also encounter issues that require attention. Some common problems you might experience with your smart thermostat can include:

  • A server outage or software issue: Your device may go offline suddenly if there is a server outage or a bug in the software system. During this outage, you are unable to adjust the temperature settings remotely.
  • Your older HVAC system doesn’t have a C wire: The C wire is dedicated to charging your smart thermostat and is required to enable the device to work without stealing power from your heating or cooling system. Older HVAC units might not have this wire, which can cause your system to malfunction as the thermostat steals power from the unit. To resolve this, have a professional install a C wire so the thermostat and HVAC system can function properly.
  • Dead battery: If the device doesn’t get enough power from the HVAC system, it can cause its battery to go dead. The battery can also malfunction if a software update fails. Have a professional inspect the wiring to ensure the device is getting enough power.

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Benefits of Upgrading To a New Thermostat

Upgrading your existing thermostat to a smart device can have many benefits for your household. Some of the main advantages can include:

  • Ability to add password protection to the unit so you can prevent your kids from changing the temperature unexpectedly.
  • Ability to program it to various temperatures based on different times of the day so you’re not wasting energy while you’re away from home.
  • Ability to connect your home thermostat to your smartphone, allowing you to control the temperature remotely from your device.
  • Opportunity to decrease your monthly utility bills by better controlling the temperature in your home.

Take control of the temperature of your house with a smart Wifi thermostat. Call Twin Belle Plumbing, Heating, Air & Water Treatment at 914-767-0771 for installations and repairs in Westchester, NY. We offer straightforward pricing.