Why Isn’t My Furnace Turning On?
Is the temperature in your house below the setting on your thermostat, yet your furnace still isn’t kicking in? This can be caused by several factors, including an issue with the sensor. Call us to have our trusted technicians inspect the problem and repair it.
Why Isn’t My House Cooling off Even When My AC Unit Is Running?
When your AC unit is running but your house is not cooling to the set temperature -- or maybe the system is even blowing out warm air -- it can indicate you need to recharge the refrigerant. Schedule an appointment with our experts to have the issue resolved.
How Do I Know When To Replace My AC Unit vs. Repair It?
It can be tempting to keep repairing your existing air conditioning unit instead of installing a new one. However, there comes a time when it makes more sense to replace it and enjoy the benefits of a new system. Some signs that can indicate you should install a new unit are if your utility bills are increasing, if your house is not cooling to the set temperature, if the system is leaking, if it’s making strange noises, and if it requires frequent repairs - or a large, costly repair.
What Is Radiant Heating?
Radiant heating is an energy-efficient alternative to a forced-air heating system. These underfloor heating systems use a series of wires or water pipes to warm your house. This evenly distributes the heat and helps lower your utility bills.
When Should I Replace My Toilet?
When you think about replacing appliances in your house, your toilet might not be top-of-mind. However, waiting too long can put your house at risk for water damage and a possible plumbing emergency. You should replace your system if it starts to clog more often, if it’s using more water than it needs to, if there are cracks in the unit, and if it’s showing signs of aging.
How Do I Prevent Hair From Clogging My Shower Drain?
When you shower, hair inevitably can fall into the tub and eventually lead to a blockage. Soon you could be showering in standing water. Fortunately, there is a simple fix to avoid this. You can install a screen over the drain. This collects the hair before it goes into the pipe.
How Do Sump Pumps Prevent Floods?
When heavy storms hit, it’s important to have a fully functioning sump pump. These systems pump excess water out of your basement and into your drainage system. This helps prevent expensive water damage.

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