Heating Repair in Westchester

Protect yourself and your family from winter’s frigid temperatures by having your malfunctioning heater repaired as soon as possible. Call us for services in Westchester County.

A malfunctioning heater can have many negative effects on your home and your family during the winter months. If your unit fails to produce adequate heat, it can put your family at risk for illness as they endure chilly temperatures, and it can increase the risk of damage to your house from frozen pipes. If your heater needs to be repaired, call Twin Belle Plumbing, Heating, Air & Water Treatment for services in Westchester, NY. We offer same-day services!

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Signs Your Heater Needs To Be Repaired

Don’t get left in the cold this winter with a malfunctioning heater. Watch for these signs that can indicate you need to schedule professional repairs on your unit:

  • Your property isn’t getting warmer, and heat isn’t being evenly distributed throughout your home or building.
  • You hear loud noises coming from the unit.
  • Your monthly bills increase without an increase in your usage.
  • Your thermostat isn’t keeping your home at a consistent temperature.
  • You have leaks in your ductwork.

What To Expect During a Routine Heater Tune-up

You should have your heater serviced by a professional at least once a year to ensure it functions properly. During these routine tune-ups you can expect a heating contractor to perform the following tasks:

  • Shut off the power to the unit to protect him or herself - and your household - while he or she fully inspects the system.
  • Examine all of the inner components of the system to ensure they are operating as expected.
  • Determine if any worn parts or belts need to be replaced. The contractor will discuss if you want to replace the parts now instead of waiting for them to fail later.

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How a Malfunctioning Heater Can Impact Your Home

A malfunctioning heater can have many impacts on your Westchester household, beyond leaving it chilly and uncomfortable. Some other effects can include:

  • Risk of illness for your family. If there is a serious issue with your system, like a carbon monoxide leak, it can put your entire household’s health at risk.
  • Lower indoor air quality. If the unit doesn’t work properly, it can fail to remove all of the particles from the air, like dust and debris.
  • Risk of fire. Depending on why your unit is malfunctioning, it can increase the risk of fire.
  • Higher utility bills. If your unit is working too hard to warm your home, it can cause your monthly bills to increase.

If your heater is failing to keep your house warm, call Twin Belle Plumbing, Heating, Air & Water Treatment at 914-767-0771 for heater repair appointments in Westchester, NY. We send trusted technicians to perform the work!